Walmart eye exam

Annual routine eye exams are very important for all ages because in many cases there are no warning signs when something is wrong with our eyes.  Unfortunately a comprehensive eye exam does not come cheap. Especially if it involves some kind of prescription or the replacement of our contact lenses or the glasses, the expenses really start to add up. And that’s exactly why walmart is offering eye exam in the most competitive prices. Perhaps the make less money from an eye exam, but a customer who will go to have a walmart eye exam, will usually also buy from walmart his contact lenses, his prescription – if needed – and his glasses. And come to think of it, god knows what else since walmart has literally thousands of products to seduce us. So in other words, Walmart eye exam cut down prices are exactly what we would call a win-win situation. The customers are happy because they can afford to have a comprehensive quality eye exam more often, while wallmart successfullyattractshappy customers for other products as well.