Lasik Surgery Have Disadvantages?

More and more people go through Lasik eye surgery now days, as it is the most popular and most widely used type of surgery to correct an number of vision problems such as myopia (short-sighted people), hyperopia (far-sighted people) and astigmatism. The procedure is so effective that more than 90% of the people who go through Lasik eye surgery have their desired vision after the surgery.

Does Lasik eye surgery have any disadvantages?

What is Lasik Surgery

What does Lasik mean?

LASIK means Laser in situ keratosmileusis. In other words it is using Laser to alter the shape of the cornea – hence the word keratosmileusis which stands for the Greek work Keratoeidis (cornea) and smileusis (reshape). The Lasik method is credited to Ioannis Palikaris from Greece and it involves reshaping the cornea in such a way that it treats refractive problems and improves vision to eliminate the need of glasses (or contacts). Lasik is used to correct refractive errors and to improve the vision by providing sharp vision. Today Lasik is the most common type of refractive eye surgery used in the world.


Laser Eye Surgery

Loosing the ability to see the world clearly is a problem many people face on a daily basis, there are many reasons why a person's sight can fail such as genetics, age and specific conditions that affect the vision. Some of the conditions that affect a person's ability to see clearly are myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia.
It's foolhardy to think that any type of surgery is risk free and laser eye surgery is no different. The question you have to ask yourself is whether the benefits of having this type of procedure outweigh the risks and in most cases patients will choose the former.
So, how are the results? The results are surprising. This fresh method gives enduring a sharper apparition. After having LASIK, the apparition can be sharper than while on glasses or phone lens. Some patients can even notice better than 20/20. It is too understood to condensed halos and night glare.

Benefit of Laser Surgery

The human eye is one of the most vital organs because our vision affects almost every activity of our life.  Too many people suffer from myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia  and this used to mean that they have to live with glasses or contact lenses for the rest of their lifes. However thanks to laser eye surgery this is no longer the case.


A successful laser eye surgery means that you are able to see well without having to wear glasses or contacts any more. This also means improved appearance for people that hate wearing glasses. People who have been through laser eye surgery can choose among all the sunglasses that are available on the world. No more custom sunglasses for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism! No more cleaning

LASIK eye surgery

In many cases, LASIK eye surgery can eliminate your need for corrective lenses, but that's not always the result. Sometimes, LASIK will drastically reduce your dependence on corrective lenses, but you may still require corrective lenses for some activities, such as reading. It's best to think of LASIK as reducing your dependency upon corrective lenses - not necessarily as eliminating your need for them.
Before deciding to undergo a surgery, you must at least have the basic knowledge about it. Lasik surgery is the most commonly used with great results but for many people PRK surgery is going to be a better option. The surgery does not involve pain and no post surgery requirements such as dressing and stitches.. Besides the success rate of the surgeon, you should know more about the laser eye surgery in all aspects.

laser eye surgery

Most people can get rid of their glasses once and for all by performing laser eye surgery. You have myopia and you want to get rid of your glasses and contact lenses? You are waiting for the summer to come to go scuba diving and you just can ‘t stand uses lenses while diving?  Laser eye surgery can be life changing for you. Using laser in eye surgery brought a real revolution in eye surgery and has enabled million of people to successfully get rid of their glasses once and for all.

How does laser eye surgery work?

The last 15 years, laser has almost completely replaced the usual mechanical equipment and in combination with computers they produce very accurate results. Laser is used in many different ways in ophthalmology depending on the laser wave length.

Walmart eye exam

Annual routine eye exams are very important for all ages because in many cases there are no warning signs when something is wrong with our eyes.  Unfortunately a comprehensive eye exam does not come cheap. Especially if it involves some kind of prescription or the replacement of our contact lenses or the glasses, the expenses really start to add up. And that’s exactly why walmart is offering eye exam in the most competitive prices. Perhaps the make less money from an eye exam, but a customer who will go to have a walmart eye exam, will usually also buy from walmart his contact lenses, his prescription – if needed – and his glasses. And come to think of it, god knows what else since walmart has literally thousands of products to seduce us. So in other words, Walmart eye exam cut down prices are exactly what we would call a win-win situation. The customers are happy because they can afford to have a comprehensive quality eye exam more often, while wallmart successfullyattractshappy customers for other products as well.

Lasik Eye Surgery 2013

Human body is considered to be the most complex and advanced machine in the world that has been made till date or would be ever made. No other invention or scientific discovery is as smart and complex as the human body is and many of the secrets about it are still uncovered to the world. Out of the many vital parts of the body, eyes are one of them with a very critical task i.e. vision. We can see this beautiful and colorful planet with the help of eyes only and hence the thought of losing them and being unable to see anything is so scary and frightening for anyone. There are many reasons due to which people lose their vision and hence are unable to see anything.

Free Eye Exam 2013

Nowadays there are many diagnosis centers available which offer a free eye exam without any fees or consulting charges. As the number of the eye patients is increasing day by day so is the need of the doctors to give effective services and cure the patients. Eyes are very important for all of us and if there had been no eyes then it would be very hard to survive in this ruthless world. Some people have eye problem by birth, some of them develop it slowly and gradually as a result of malnutrition or some deficiency. Finally, there are patients who suffer from blindness or some eye disease due to some accident or something.

Walmart Eye Exam – The Best Optical Solution

Nowadays there are a number of people suffering from eye related problems and visual defects and hence the need of good eye specialist doctors is also growing day by day. There are many big market players who have recently started their eye testing and checkup centers where the eyes are tested by using advanced machines and they are treated by expert team of professionals and doctors along with the proper care needed for them.

Laser Eye Surgery for Correction of Several Eye Diseases

What is Laser eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery or LASIK eye surgery is meant to correct several eye defects like myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and others. In this surgery, a fine corneal flap is made with the help of femto second laser. Some corneal tissues lying underneath are removed using the laser and then finally the flap is laid back to cover the removed corneal tissues.

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Eyes are an invaluable possession and so to keep the healthy and disease free, it is important. There are a few well known vision centers like Walmart which offer free eye exam or eye exams at reduced costs when you avail their discount coupons. Also, if you want to test whether your eyes are free from defects then you can go in for an online eye exam which is also available free of cost.

Getting a Laser eye Surgery for Getting Rid of Glasses and Contact Lenses

Humans have been endowed with the gist of a vision. Their eyes indeed are the medium through which they not only see but also experience the world. For it is what the eyes see that the brain interprets. Thus, it is important that people take good care of their eyes. In case of any problems they should refer to a doctor as soon as possible to facilitate early detection of any problem and hence an early solution to the problem. Nevertheless, many people do have poor eyesight, despite taking good care of their eyes. This may be due to a variety of reasons that includes age,

Getting Affordable Eye Care At Walmart Eye Exam

One of the most important gifts that people are endowed with, are the eyes, Without them , it would be hard to imagine the world, much less see or touch it. Thus, it becomes important to take proper care of one’s eyes. Any carelessness in the care of eyes may lead to serious complications which may in turn even lead to loss of eyesight. For this, people should take good care of their eyes and get regular checkups as well. Further, in case people notice anything wrong with their eyes, they should get it analyzed by a doctor as soon as possible, as early detection of an eye problem enables people to get it treated before the problem worsens. However, eye care today, is not an easy thing to get, especially if one considers its cost. Nevertheless, people need not lose hope just yet, for they can still, get access to quality eye care and that too at affordable prices, all they have to do is to go for a Walmart eye exam.

Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasikeye surgery is a process in which laser is performed underneath the corneal flap so as to reshape that cornea. This procedure makes use of highly specialized laser that is designed for treating refractive errors, eliminating or reducing the need of contact lenses or glasses, and improving vision. Laser procedure helps to alter the shape of cornea that is a transparent front covering the eye. For performing Lasik, specially trained eye surgeons are required. They create a tiny thing corneal flap hinged using microkeratome. They will then pull the flap back so as to expose underlying corneal tissue. Now, laser reshapes that cornea in a specific pre-specified pattern depending on the need of the patient. Gently the flap is repositioned on the underlying cornea without creating sutures.

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There are many who strain their eyes without being aware of the fact that they are doing so as the result of which their eyes begin to show the signs like itching and deteriorated vision and. In our hectic life schedule we need to take out some time for our eyes and apart from having good nutrition we should go in for a regular eye exam. Walmart Vision center is a leading eye specialist which is offering free eye exam and for complete eye care, you must avail free Walmart eye exam.