laser eye surgery

For people wearing contact lenses or having a refractive error, the world appears blurred without glasses. With the influx of high-tech equipments, it is now very simple to cure your eyesight problem. Laser eye surgery is probably the best and most advanced technique of improving vision, eliminating requirement of glasses and treating refractive errors. Doctors use laser surgery for changing the shape of cornea and clearing cover over colored iris. Moreover, this technique helps doctors to clear the lens behind pupil of eye. People often prefer wearing contact lenses for different refractive errors like hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism.

Procedures Involved In Laser Eye Surgery:

Use of laser technique is of great significance in three leading procedures that includes PRK or “Photo Refractive Keratomileusis”, LASIK or “Laser Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis” and LASEK or “Laser Assisted Sub-Epithelial”. Laser eye surgery is far better than conventional approach used for eye surgery. Laser surgery ensures very less damage to eye tissue and brings in better prospects for quick healing. Normally, refractive error is an outcome of steeply curved or longer cornea. Before approving any eye surgeon, it is very imperative to have a comprehensive detail of laser surgery and your doctor.

Long Term Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery:

Maximum number of patients are spending restful and secure period after laser eye surgery and they are now busy with their work without any dilemma. Depending upon the approach of vision correction, it takes few weeks to get back to proper vision permanently. Moreover, surgeons also suggest patients to wear tinted glass having UV protection whenever they go out in sun especially for three months after surgery. Laser surgery has enough potency to deal with your all vision related problems, but it failed to treat age related presbyopia.



laser eye surgery
laser eye surgery

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