How Much Does Lasik Cost For All-Laser On Intralase

LASIK or “Laser in Situ Keratomileusis” is a surgical procedure that intends to reduce dependency of a person on glasses. This surgical procedure makes use of laser technique for correcting refractive error like nearsightedness or myopia, farsightedness or hyperopia and astigmatism. Lasik surgery is designed especially to improve vision, treat all the three refractive errors and eliminate the requisite for contact lenses. When considering choosing a trained and veteran eye surgeon for lasik procedure, it is very imperative to know “how much does lasik cost”.

About Lasik Eye Surgery:

Depending upon the procedure, the cost of Lasik surgery may differ from one patient to another. The universal standard for the cost of lasik surgery has been quoted as “per eye treatment price”. One lasik surgery is generally aligned with the treatment of one eye and if the patient intends to correct both the eyes, the cost automatically doubled up. In addition to this, the eye surgeon may include some extra cost for other precise corrections and new technology like wave front analysis. Moreover, lasik surgeon can add charges for all-laser and bladeless Lasik like intralase technology.

Pricing Strategy of Lasik Surgery:

Price quote for single eye treatment based on all-laser eye surgery in $2,150 and this cost ends up with $4,340 for treatment for both the eyes. On the other hand, average cost of standard lasik together with microkeratome wave is $1,580 for single eye and $3,160 for full surgery. For wave front lasik treatment with the use of laser-crafted flap, patients are required to pay an estimated cost of $ 2,170. Most of the eye surgeons recommend non-customized lasik surgery using bladed instrument or excimer lasers. Nowadays, non-customized lasik treatments are available at a competitive price, which is usually not pointed by wave front analysis. Lasik surgery cost is flexible and depends on a number of factors such as surgeon’s level of expertise and technology. To be very precise in your selection of treatment without making a hole in pocket, you must accustom to the detail on “how much does lasik cost”.



How Much Does Lasik Cost For All-Laser On Intralase
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How Much Does Lasik Cost For All-Laser On Intralase 2
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