Factors on Which Laser Eye Cost Depends

Laser eye surgery is meant for the altering the shape of retina. There are many factors on which Laser eye surgery cost depends on. Let us have a quick glance over those factors.

Quoted Separately for Each Eye:

The cost of Laser eye surgery cost varies from surgeon to surgeon and it depends on a lot of factors. Laser eye surgery cost is quoted by the surgeon for each eye separately. Even if both the eyes are corrected simultaneously, then also you have to incur double the cost.

Additional Charges for new technologies:

Expert laser surgeons making use of the latest technologies like wave front analysis which is done for preciseness take extra charge from their patients. Also, you will be charged additionally for bladeless laser when laser beam is used in place of bladed instrument to create a corneal flap. Also, the most advanced Intra Laser technologies cost the patient more.

Surgeon’s fee:

Apparently, when you go in for the service of renowned surgeons you would charge extra laser eye surgery cost. The more the surgeon is renowned, the more is the laser eye surgery cost.

As per a report by AllAboutVision.com, laser eye surgery cost for vision correction in which laser beams are used, cost $215. This holds good for a single eye. For the bladed instrument, the cost is $1580 and for the latest wave front technology, the cost is $2170. Newest technologies like laser created flap or wave front tends to cost more.

Factors on Which Laser Eye Cost Depends
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Factors on Which Laser Eye Cost Depends
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