Wal Mart eye exam coupons for July 2011 now Available!

It is now July 2011 and Wal Mart has just released their new set of free eye exam coupons. During the month of July our users can expect a great deal of new Wal Mart eye exam coupons to be published here on our helpful blog. As the economy is bouncing back Wal Mart eye exam has started to deal out a great amount of free eye exam coupons in hopes of gaining new business and to provide excellent eye care at a low cost. All that needs to be done to get a hold of these new free eye exam coupons is to visit your local Wal Mart Vision Center and ask for the new set of coupons that have just been released. Wal Mart has just made a recent announcement that their Wal Mart free eye exam coupons will be available to anyone who can physically go to the Vision Center and provide genuine interest in getting their eye checked.

Some of the deals on these Wal Mart eye exam coupons can be 50% off your first appointment, free glasses coupons, free contacts coupons, and the chance for the customer to get a free check up on the spot. Remember, check out our site to get the best free eye exam coupons and to learn about ways on how you can save money on your next eye exam.

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