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Ever since I was 5 years old I have been wearing contacts and they have been quite expensive. When I was younger free eye exam coupon, free glasses coupons, and free contacts lense coupons were non existent. However, today these types of coupons are available and I stumbled upon one this evening. Contact Lenses can come in either hard or soft form and can vary in how weak or strong due to their prescription. Contacts were invented nearly 30 years ago and have come along way due to technology and research. Many eye doctors have become accustomed to prescribing contact lenses over glasses due to their ease of handling and lack of restrictions.

As I mentioned earlier, contacts can come in hard and soft format. They can also either be worn all the time, or taken out at night. Most users of contacts seem to opt for "soft contacts" when they use their free eye exam and free contact lenses coupon. These users will purchase the "throw away soft contacts" because of their cheaper cost and easy maintenance. Users typically keep these contacts for a few weeks and wear them 24/7 and will switch to a new pair when the current pair starts to feel uncomfortable. Users with tougher prescriptions usually opt for gas permeable contacts lenses because of their sharper image and durability. These contacts need to be taken out daily and can dry eyes out frequently. When visiting your eye doctor on your next visit make sure to ask for free contact lenses coupons.

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